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About Alpine Chiropractic Clinic in Colorado Springs

We’ve been delivering state-of-the-art chiropractic care to the Colorado Springs community since 1997. We have a simple philosophy: We treat you and your family the way we would want ourselves and our family members treated.

We’re conveniently located on Austin Bluffs Parkway and have clinic hours to accommodate almost any schedule from busy moms to people with regular work hours.

Our Philosophy

Our Colorado Springs clinic was founded on one simple, but powerful philosophy: We treat patients the way we would hope and pray our family would be treated if they were in someones clinic. Our clinic is the best fit for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and want to break out of the cycle of symptom-treating, and become truly as healthy as they can be.

I view myself as your health coach. You tell me what goals you have, and what you used to be able to do that you’d like to do again, and I’ll help you get there. For some this means setting a new personal best in the Pikes Peak Marathon. For others, it simply means being able to play with their grandchildren again, or having their child be free of ear infections, not having headaches or that “normal” nagging back pain, or having more energy than they have had in years.

Your Health Goals

Your goals are as unique as you are. While similarities exist, your treatment plan will not be like everyone else’s. My coaching and treatment plan will show you how you can reach your goals. This includes consideration of what you do on a daily basis, your habits, hobbies, stresses, nutrition, and other aspects of being on Planet Earth that can impair your ability to be healthy. I can turn on the ignition, and get things going, but truly you and the Great Physician do the healing. I’ll be there to celebrate each milestone of success, and to help you steer around the cliffs and rocks along the road to better health.

Some of my greatest joys come from seeing people get their lives back. I am routinely privileged to see miracles happen. People often start chiropractic care only after years of needless suffering and taking dangerous drugs. The look on the faces of people after they become healthy and more vibrantly alive is truly a gift I want to help more people experience.

You’re the Boss

Regardless of your health goals, we are here to help you make educated, well-informed choices, and to respect and nurture you to be as healthy as you can be. That’s what we want for our family, and that’s what we offer you.

Sound interesting? Please contact our Colorado Springs office to make an appointment today.

Alpine Chiropractic Clinic | (719) 522-1219
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