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Orthotics in Colorado Springs

Woman walkingEvery individual is unique, and so are their needs. That’s why we offer custom orthotics—a custom shoe insert designed to alleviate discomfort, improve biomechanics, enhance performance, and promote overall well-being.

From the initial assessment to the fitting process and beyond, we are committed to providing the support each person needs to adapt to their orthotics. With the right solution and accompanying exercises, our patients experience enhanced comfort and mobility to lead a more fulfilling and active life.

Assessing and Understanding Your Needs

When a patient comes to us with a history of pain in the lower back, hip, or knee, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to uncover the root cause. Through examinations and X-rays, we may discover that a leg length difference could contribute to their discomfort. If the difference is clinically significant, we’ll explain our findings and the potential impact on their well-being.

Next, we perform a thorough biomechanical analysis of the feet, which involves observing foot arches, assessing weight-bearing patterns, and analyzing factors such as pronation and flat feet. Using advanced technology, we do a foot scan that provides a detailed digital map of the feet, highlighting any deviations from the norm. This visual representation lets patients see how their feet compare to the ideal condition, providing valuable insights into their biomechanics.

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Tailored Orthotics Crafted for You

Upon identifying the need for orthotics, we collaborate with Foot Levelers, a trusted partner renowned for decades of expertise in producing custom-made foot solutions. We transmit the electronic data from the foot scan to the lab to be transformed into a set of orthotics that are precisely tailored to address the specific biomechanical needs of the patient.

These special shoe inserts are not limited to a particular age group or activity level. Whether it’s a pre-teen engaged in competitive sports or an adult with an active lifestyle, they can offer invaluable support and comfort. Additionally, as children grow, the Foot Levelers Young Soles program provides discounted replacement options, ensuring their orthotics evolve along with them.

Put Your Feet First

Whether you’re seeking relief from discomfort or aiming to optimize your performance, our custom orthotics service is a targeted solution to address your unique needs. Get in touch with Alpine Chiropractic Clinic today and discover greater comfort, improved biomechanics, and a more active lifestyle.


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