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Alpine Chiropractic Clinic First Visit

Welcome to Our Practice

I reserve an hour for my first visit with a patient. This is time when there are no other distractions in the office, so I can focus totally on you and how I can best help you. During this hour, I will ask you about your health history, conduct a thorough examination, and perhaps take x-rays of your spine to help determine exactly what the problem is. The examination does not hurt, and you can wear your regular street clothes.

You’ll be greeted by Russ, Kathleen or Debbie when you enter our clinic. They will have some brief paperwork for you to fill out. I’ll be seeing patients while you do this, so you may notice people coming and going. Then, as you finish your papers, you will be the only patient in the office, and our focus will be entirely on you and how we can help you.

Depending on your particular case, you will likely be adjusted on your first visit. If you are experiencing significant pain, we will do some things to help with that at your first visit. You will also be shown your x-rays and I will explain what I have found and what you and I can do together to help you be a healthier person.

Finally, I will give you a few simple things to do at home to help facilitate your recovery.

Next, learn what you can expect on your Second Visit.


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